Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pink Saturday and Oklahoma Weather

Welcome to Pink Saturday and Oklahoma. We had one of our many thunderstorms pass through this morning. Needless to say that half of our block was affected with the loss of power. It is now restored, Yeah! This gave me the idea of writing about Oklahoma weather.

We do live in what has been termed “Tornado Alley.” And there is always the chance that thunderstorms will bring tornados, lightening, hail, heavy rain, etc. But have you ever been in a “thunder SNOW storm?” Well…that’s what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the day after spring arrived!

We took these photos, not because it snowed in spring, but because we received 8” of snow in spring. The redbuds were in full bloom and the dogwoods were getting ready to bloom. This is our fourth home located in Tulsa. They have all been in this mid-town historic neighborhood “Swan Lake.” Evidently we like this neighborhood. (Mr. Rogers would be proud.)

This is our back yard. Look at how heavy that snow is. And the Redbuds do look beautiful!

This is the front of our yard. The neighbors Redbuds are gorgeous also.

Say hello to Watson the Dachshund, our 15 year old. The picture was taken after we lost him in the snow. His body language tells all. Does he like snow...NO...and he's German!

This photo was taken about five hours after the snow was finished doing it's thing. Oklahoma weather again! By morning, there was little trace of the blizzard.

Okay, this shot was not taken during or after the spring snow storm, but it's PINK and wonderful. We did not plant it either. It is what I call our "alien" lillies. They just pop up where ever during the summer.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as we love Oklahoma weather. There is hardly ever a dull moment. Oops, what about the “dog days of Summer?” We’ve already had about three weeks of that and we are expecting another four to five weeks again. Hopefully we will get rain, no snow though.

Thanks for reading. And check out Beverly’s blog too. You’ll find other participants in this wonderful Pink Saturday.

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