Friday, February 5, 2016

Two New Releases at Aurora Wings

It has been a long time since I posted anything on my blog blog. I hope that changes this year. I have a list of goals (Note: not resolutions), and blogging more often is one at the top of my list.

Now onto the Aurora Wings Showcase…Mitzi has started off the year with some fabulous new images. She has given each of her Aurora Wings Showcase Designers two of the most beautiful mermaids, Lady of the Sea and Guardian of the Sea. These lovelies will be available in Mitzi’s Etsy shop starting today.

I had time enough to color the Lady of the Sea with Copics. Believe it or not, I still have our huge Christmas tree to dismantle. LOL I worked three days on the background and still not satisfied, but it was a fun learning experience. I love it when I watch a video and learn different techniques with Copics! The technique is using alcohol (you can use the Copic blending solution, but alcohol is cheaper) and a piece of burlap. The video was created by Rhea of Passionate Paper Creations. I hope you like my Lady of the Sea.

Mitzi has also given you all a few coupons for the next few days. These are for digital images only, AND one coupon per order. Have fun! I saw a new sprite, so I will be there for sure!

Here are a few more links for Aurora Wings.
There is something always going on at Aurora Wings.
(In March we will start with an additional design team,
along with having two challenges each month.)
(There is a monthly contest…
more chances to win Mitzi’s fabulous digital images!)

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, please contact me via my email or my website, AJ’s Design Artz.

Have a great weekend my friends! I will be back at my Christmas tree!
Aletha Jane


  1. Wow three days? It was worth the time. The background is awesome! She is beautiful too!

  2. I love this Amethyst mermaid from you, Aletha! I think the background is quite beautiful with lots of interesting texture without distracting from the main figure. Love the sparklies, too. You've placed them all in such a tasteful manner (I feel they are so easy to overdo,much like glitter... hehe.). She looks like a Goddess of the Sea with her otherworldy glowing skin, too. Breathtaking!! Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration for today's new release.
    Mitzi xxx

  3. Stunning work with the gorgeous image, Aletha! the colors are just fabulous and I'll be checking out the video for tips on that beautiful background. thanks for the link. xxD P.S. don't feel bad, I still have ALL my Christmas up, but hey, it's not Valentine's Day yet. LOL

  4. The background is amazing you have such patients, the rest is awesome too lol xxx

  5. OH my goodness gracious! You did an absolute marvelous job coloring this mermaid, she is stunning!


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