Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Eclectic and Electric works of Jan Rogers

The artwork of Jan and Shane is some of the most eclectic and electric works I have seen in a while. They run the gambit of all media. Jan is a master of scrapbooking and card designing. And Shane’s jewelry work speaks for itself.

I joined the group Mixed Media Art Group with Shan for the obvious reasons, networking, inspiration, etc. But as I was exploring, I noticed that the creator of this social network was from Tulsa, and her name was very familiar. Well, long story short, we met at the Oktoberfest in Tulsa, OK, in November of 2007. Jan and her entire family came by my booth and purchased one of my “mini wall art” pieces. If I remember correctly, it took her entire family to help her decide which piece to purchase. I just sat back and watched…it was very interesting to watch the dynamics of that family. You could tell this is a very close knit family, and I mean that in the most positive way. They respected each other and listened to what each one had to say, even down to the youngest.

Enjoy this interview and check out their blog. Their blog is a great way to keep up with their full schedule.

How did you get your start in the world of art?
My mother was an activity director for some of the local nursing homes and she would take me with her sometimes and I got to mostly on the walls. That was when she realized I loved to paint and she bought me every paint by number there was out there. As I grew up some I went to senior ceramics with my grandmother and learned about creating ceramics and painting them. I got into my teen years and boys and didn’t create at all until I meet my husband Shane and we had our children. I loved unicorns and had collected them for many years and it seemed one by one they were being broken. So I was driving by a ceramic studio one day and saw one in the window. I knew I could paint it, but everyone still believed you had to use glaze....well me being me I disagreed. I went out and bought some regular acrylic paint and went to work on the bisque and before long it seemed everyone wanted to buy one from me.....then over the years Shane and I played with a little of every kind of medium from ceramics to scrapbooking to card making to altered art, just about anything we could get our hands on. So there you have my funny little story. You can visit Shane and I all the time at A Memory To Scrap in Broken Arrow where Shane teaches various classes and I do layout pages.

Do you have a ritual you perform before you start creating?
For us we just jump into it. On some items they tell me what to do and what colors they want to be painted.

What do you like best, the creative process or the final creation?
I am never happy with what I much of a perfectionist I guess. But as long as everyone else likes it I am ok. That is worth more than a million dollars when someone brags on what we have created.

What are your favorite art media, tools, and supplies?
Everything from vintage items, paper, twigs, found items-you name it.

When a creative block happens, what process do you go through to get the creative juices flowing again?
I like to read books, and search online to see what is being sold on Etsy.

What do you hope your art says about you?
That we have a crazy funky style and that we are just being ourselves…not falling into someone’s shoes.

What is your greatest dream and greatest fear as an artist?
As everyone I would love to be known and to be able to sell my art and it to be collectible. My fear is to lose my creative ability.

What are your goals in art, and in life?
To continue on my creative journey and not let life get me down.

Tell us a little bit about yourself—where you grew up, your life now, other creative pursuits, other interests and hobbies.
I grew up in Wagoner, Oklahoma and I love to play My kids tease me and say that is a old person’s game. We are foster parents to doggies that are in various rescue organizations.

Do you have an online shop or shops, a brick and mortar shop, or a blog?
My blog is,
My ning site is
My Etsy shop is

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