Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Slow Loris Fundraiser Campaign at Aurora Wings

I guess that I am slowing down in my old age. I wanted to get a project made with the cutie below, BUT life has a funny way of slapping down my creativity. At least I got the new Slow Loris Sprite colored. These cuties are now part of the endangered species.

Before I go on with the story behind Mitzi’s campaign (which ends on April 3), I hope that you will take a look at the amazing projects that the Aurora Wings’ designers have created. Click here, and you can also scroll down in the blog to find a link for your contribution, if you are so inclined and I hope you are.

In Mitzi’s words:
“Cute!  Precious! Adorable!  Totally irresistible!  I WANT one!  Right?  Yeeesss, and that's unfortunately causing much misery to these animals.  They have become so popular (Thanks to social media, like the case of the aforementioned viral video of pet slow loris being 'tickled' with arms raised up - to learn more about why this is troublesome, please check out this link) that the demand is driving illegal exotic pet trade in areas of the world where these cute guys naturally live and thrive.  I am not going into the details here because it might be too upsetting to many of you (It certainly was for me!), but too many of these animals in the illegal pet trade are being mistreated.  Even if they find themselves in "good homes" with reasonably responsible pet owners, because they are nocturnal, they tend to get neglected while the human owners are fast asleep.  For those of you who wish to know more about the issues facing these animals, please learn more by checking out this link on wikipedia.

The funds raised in this special event will be sent to the Slow Loris Rescue as a lump sum.  The actual AW fundraiser campaign will take place at THIS PAGE.  If you were a member of AW Facebook group last summer, you probably remember the Numbat Fundraiser we had.  Like that time, I will be offering a gift digi image for your donation of any amount as my thank-you for supporting this cause.  You will be able to use the image to enter a special contest at our FB group for more chances to win more AW digis and other prizes.

But wait!  That's not all!  (Sounding like a pitchman in an infomercial here.)  For a donation amount of $10 USD or more, you will receive one more digi.  These two images are "Special Edition" and offered only as gifts to the donors of this special event, and will not be made available for purchase at my shops in the future.  I hope you find the cause to be worthy in the first place, but I also hope that you find these images cute enough to give you the added incentive to donate (... and maybe even curb your appetite for a live loris as a pet).”

Thanks for stopping by! One of my goals over the next few weeks is to work on my Sprite journal. Only Heaven knows how many of Aurora Wings’ colored Sprites I have waiting on me.

Aletha Jane

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  1. Beautiful coloring as always, Aletha!! The little loris' eyes look AMAZING!! So life-like and adorable!! The fur texture is so fluffy and soft, too. Thank you so much for supporting this fundraiser with your talent and through your donation, Aletha! Mitzi xxx


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