Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Kits at $9 each at Unity!

Hey you lovers of {ippity} and Unity…can’t get enough of these wonderful and unique stamps? Well, we have something going on right now, at this very minute. Keep reading and you will find out.

Unity has a wonderful Leap Back in Time Sale going on until March 4. There are 29 kits marked down to $9 (I saw some marked down to $5.99). The other spectacular thing is for every order you place you will receive a coupon for 29% off {ippity} and Unity new releases. These new releases are happening next week. {ippity}’s new release is happening March 9. To check out the sale click here. That’s right, you can now order {ippity} and Unity at the same time, you just have to choose me, Aletha Williams, as your {ippity} Chick.

Now, when you get ready to use your coupon of 29% off {ippity} and Unity, or any time your visit Unity’s store, please remember to choose me again as your {ippity} Chick. I so appreciate your consideration.

This is me, Aletha Williams,
your Unity Endorsed {ippity} Chick

I also wanted to take this time to let you know about two wonderful groups that I am involved with for all you {ippity}and Unity lovers. First one is at The Crafter’s Café, Get Hippity with Ippity/Join the Unity Community. The second one is on FaceBook, Get Hippity with Ippity. We welcome all new members, and we want you to show off your little pieces of art using {ippity}and Unity stamps. Need more fun, we have a Get Hippity with Ippity Challenge blog too. Check all these places out, join in, and win some {ippity} goodness.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you all at Unity! I wish you all a great and creative weekend too!

I'm Moving!

I am moving my blog to my website at AJ's Design Artz . I hope you stop by!